UIC has a successful Interprofessional Education (IPE program) with administrative support and HRSA funding.

The Collaborative for Excellence in Interprofessional Education (CEIPE)


The Collaborative for Excellence in Interprofessional Education (CEIPE) was founded by a team of UIC interprofessional faculty including ENGAGE-IL Principal Investigator/Project Director, Dr. Valerie Gruss, and Principal Investigator/Associate Director, Dr. Memoona Hasnain, and other members on the Interprofessional (IP) Leadership Team.



CEIPE Organization Chart






Concurrent HRSA Grant Award

A HRSA grant (Dr. Gruss, Co-PI) was awarded to UIC for IPE: “Advancing Interprofessional Education and Clinical Expertise.” The purpose of the grant is to develop, strengthen, and integrate techniques to provide guided IPE and clinical content for gaining expertise in clinical care, emphasizing use of technology such as patient simulation and standardized patients (SP), telemedicine, and electronically-based case studies.


  • This initiative has been incorporated into the advanced practice nursing (APN) clinical practicum content at UIC and four rural underserved regional sites:
    • Urbana
    • Peoria
    • Quad Cities
    • Rockford