Online Accredited Learning in Interprofessional Geriatrics  (ENGAGE-IL-OALIG)

Integrate geriatrics into primary care by training clinicians via an online training program. Our online geriatric training program offers:

  • 22 topics, developed by content experts and peer-reviewed by national experts
  • Modules are 30-minutes long (except three modules are one hour)
  • Modules are engaging interactive films with Narrators (actors), animations, inforgraphics, and content expert interviews
  • Modules offer FREE continuing education credits for medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, nutrition, psychology, speech therapy and public health.


Community-Campus  Connections in Interprofessional Geriatrics (ENGAGE-IL-CCCIG)

Transform primary care environments into Age-Friendly Systems providing value-based primary care
geriatrics by strengthening partnerships with community-based organizations (CBOs) caring for
underserved vulnerable populations. We train primary care providers to conduct Annual Wellness Visits
and health screenings improving geriatric patient outcomes
We deliver community-based Wellness Education Programs Improving Safety and Quality for
individuals, patients, families, and caregivers providing the knowledge and disease awareness through
Health Fair screenings and train community pharmacists to deliver an Opioid Awareness Program to
meet older adults’ public health needs.
Engage-IL is building Age-Friendly Health Systems and establish Dementia-Friendly Communities (DFC)
to address the needs of extremely vulnerable older adults—persons with dementia residing in inner-city
high-rise buildings and older inmate prison populations through staff dementia training.


Digital Tools to Empower Clinicians and Communities in Interprofessional Geriatrics

To raise public awareness and improve understanding of dementias, we created a free Mobile App: Dementia Guide Expert for families.The App was developed by content experts, reviewed by experts at the Alzheimer’s Association and beta tested among community dwelling older adults.   

Our App and is available for FREE for iOS in Apple App Store or iTunes and for Android on Google Play.The Dementia Guide Expert is available for free in Spanish: “Guia Experta Sobre La Demencia”.

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Since December the app has been viewed and downloaded thousands of times in 5 countries (U.S., Canada, Australia, Brazil and Southeast Asia).

Download it today!